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Module suited for the realization of bathroom and kitchen tops and many other technical objects.

Drawing and design

It is possible to use a set of 2D CAD tools or the DXF/DWG import functions to create a project layout; alternatively it is possible to define the project by importing an external layout using a proprietary format (excel, CSV) or by acquiring the shapes using the photo-digitizer application. A 3D rendering window is available in order to get a preview of the finished work.

Roughing cut

  • Supported machinings: linear cut, curved cut, notch, rodding, V-Groove.
  • Supported cut technologies: disk, waterjet, milling and drilling.
  • Automatic rest machining to complete the cuts using a cut-drill/mill tool or a waterjet head


  • roughing/pocketing
  • surface polishing
  • sinks and stoves cutting/finishing
  • drips machining with milling or grinder tools
  • edge contouring, finishing and polishing
  • tap holes
  • rodding

An autocorrection function using the slab touch probe is available in all the machining strategies, to compensate the thickness variations over the slab surface and borders.

Software functionalities

  • Complete handling of countertops machining process: design, cutting, finishing and workbench positioning
  • Automatic or manual handling of the machining process
  • Optimized handling and arrangement of materials
  • 2.5D free machinings
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