Version dedicated to the panel designing and manufacturing.


Suitable for all panel machines, this version lets the user easily produce wooden panels through a parametric editor.

It offers the simplified creation of the panel with automatic management of the drawing on the faces.
Macro libraries

A library of geometric macros allows the creation of geometries, profiles, holes, cut lines and any other parametrizable figure.

The input method is quick and easy also for not skilled users. The user can choose the corner and the reference face of the geometries, so to obtain the final result in few simplified steps. All drawings can be edited later by changing the parameters, providing great flexibility to the entire process.

Once the macro has been inserted, the panel dimensions can be changed; holes and geometries are updated automatically.

Each panel model can be saved as a template and then used later with different sizes.


Holes are automatically machined and optimized using the boring head or the available drills.
The geometrical profiles can be machined using a customizable list of preset machinings which simplifies the process.
Contouring, pocketing, drilling and some saw-blade machinings such as linear cut, grooving and rodding are supported.


The user can simulate and see the results of the applied machinings through the rendering of the panel.
The module offers the toolpath simulation on the rendered panel.

As all other versions of the software, the Panel version lets the user have a 2D and 3D preview of the piece and provides an interactive guide concerning all functionalities and technological parameters.


In addition to all the functionalities of the basic version, with Pegasus CAD-CAM Panel Standard the user can design custom and free text and geometries.

It is also available an extended library of cabinet doors and mouldings macros.

The user can import DXF, DWG files or Pegasus CAD-CAM drawings.
The imported geometry can be machined using the available machinings presets.

It’s also possible to import 3D panels (formats IGES, STEP, Sketch-up etc.) with automatic extraction and identification of drilling and milling machinings, and panels from projects made with external cabinet software.


You can find below the list of the functionalities for each version.
  • Panel definition
  • Parametric macros designer
  • Library of predefined macros
  • Template manager (panel’s parametric editing)
  • Machinings presets for different technological operations: hole/circle machinings with multidrill or single drills, saw-blade cuts and grooves, vertical walls contouring and pocketing
  • Panel rendering: results of the applied machinings with toolpath simulation
All you can find in PANEL ESSENTIAL, plus:
  • 2D CAD on panel faces
  • Text outline generation along lines and curves, using Windows TrueType font mapping
  • 2D DXF and DWG import
  • Importing of Pegasus CAD-CAM drawings
  • Panel definition from solid object (importing of 3D panels – formats: IGES, STEP, Sketch-up etc. – with automatic extraction and identification of drilling and milling machinings)
  • Panel definition from cabinet (importing of panels from projects made with external cabinet software)
  • Extended library of cabinet doors and mouldings macros
  • Engraving strategies of 2D geometries and texts
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