Easy-to-use, high-performance nesting software with one of the best computing engines on the market. It is a complete CAD-CAM software, managing the whole process, from drawing to execution in the CNC machine of choice.

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Software versions.

Discover the complete software for nesting shapes and optimizing wood cutting.


Complete nesting engine that enables a reduction in raw material costs and processing time, optimizing the entire production process.

Support part in part and small shapes zones

  • Use of parts recesses to nest smaller parts into other part.
  • Placement of small shapes in user-defined areas, reducing part movements during cutting.

Dynamic solution selection and partially used sheets

  • Choose the best solution from the list of calculated ones.
  • Reuse partially used sheets in your nesting job.

Manual nesting and shapes mirroring or rotation

  • Manual positioning of specific parts integrated into automatic nesting with collision control.
  • Option to define whether parts are to be mirrored or rotated in fixed or custom angles.

Cutting and material list.

Definition of the list of parts and the sheets in which to nest them.

Definition of the list of shapes to be cut:

  • From Drawing, using the embedded 2D CAD functions
  • From external CAD files (DXF/DWG, etc.)
  • From CSV, Excel or similar files
  • From geometric macros
  • From Cabinet systems using a customizable importer
  • From projects generated by other Pegasus applications, such as Panel

Optimized cut.

Optimized cutting strategy for machining nested parts.

  • Fast and efficient mode to cut nested pieces.
  • Automatic addition of bridges.
  • Reduction of cutting time and optimization of lines and overlapped elements.

2D machinings.

Extended set of 2D machining strategies.

Wide 2.5D machining set for finishing details:

  • Contouring: Optimized Cut,Vetical Walls, Shaped Walls
  • Pocketing: Open or Closed Pocketing, Vertical Walls, Shaped Walls
  • Engraving and face milling
  • Optimized holes/circles machinings through contouring and pocketing
  • Drilling and Multidrill (top operations)
  • Cut and Pre-drill Corners

Blade management for 2D machinings:

  • Linear cut and notch


Reduction of time waste through automatic programming of machining operations.

  • Elimination of repetitive activities and acceleration of design time.
  • Automatic design of the most common machining operations.
  • Rapid part production due to nesting engine that automatically binds layers to geometries.

Report and prints.

Creation and press of reports for cutting projects.

  • Press of statistics and consumption of materials.
  • Printed overview of the nesting result of each sheet.
  • Labeling functionality with label printing and positioning by using bar codes or QR codes.


Integrated graphical simulation environment for immediate verification of machining results.

  • Simulation of machining applied on the piece.
  • Virtual simulation of machinings based on the machine model used.
  • Observation of results through 3D simulation with material removal.
  • Verification of tool collision and correct cutting of each shape.

Post processor.

Customized communication system between software and CNC machine.

  • Integrated module that can speak the same language as the CNC machine.
  • Integrated module for converting toolpaths applied to the part(s) into the specific language of the CNC in use.

Online guide.

User support throughout the design process and in the machinings phase.

  • Detailed explanation of all definable parameters for each machining, with figurative examples and pictures.
  • Visualization of the guide by clicking on the question mark icon.

Software versions.

  • 2D CAD with geometric drawing and editing functions
  • Import 2D CAD file formats (DXF, DWG, PDF, etc.)
  • Import from Excel, Kitchen Doors list, Panel projects and from Cabinet in native XML format
  • Geometric macros
  • High-performance Pro-level automatic nesting with list support and quick selection
  • Management of small templates and sheet reuse
  • Dynamic solution selection
  • Manual nesting with collision control and optimized cutting
  • Multidrill support/drill head on top face
  • Extended set of 2.5D milling machining operations
  • 2D machining with blade tool
  • Management of tool tables and tool holders
  • 3D engraving of geometries and TrueType texts
  • Rapid execution of repetitive operations due to automation system
  • Wireframe simulation with rendering of applied machining results
  • Management of processing reports, with advanced Nesting reporting

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