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Very user-friendly, it does not require any advanced computer skill.


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Different modules and tools for plenty of technologies and machinings.

PEGASUS CAD-CAM is the CAD/CAM software developed by Tecno Program for the stone, wood and mechanics manufacturing industry. From the simple bidimensional machines to the bridge-saw machines, from 3 axis pantographs up to the more complex 5 axis machines and anthropomorphic robots, PEGASUS CAD-CAM is the best solution for any need. The software is very user friendly and it does not require any advanced computer skill; also, it is provided with an online help which supports the user during the training and the use of the software. PEGASUS CAD-CAM is organized in modules with specific operating sections – CAD 2D and 3D, CAM, Simulation and Post-Processing (creation of the CNC machine program) – so that the user is guided through each step of the process.


Find out more about our software functionalities for the stone machinings.

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