Bridge milling module with a complete set of functions for cutting and slab sectioning. Designed to be installed on the machine or in the office, it allows shape drawing and design, slab qualification, nesting and cutting operations integrated in one easy-to-use solution.

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Software versions.

Explore the module available for cutting marble and stone.

Slab image capture.

Acquisition of the slab photo by correcting the lens distortion and rectifying it.

  • Positioning of shapes on the slab facilitated by the captured image.
  • Detection of material imperfections.
  • Distinction of veins to be processed.
  • Geometric qualification of the slab edge.


Drawing and designing parts.

Definition of shapes to be machined:

  • with 2D CAD tools
  • by importing a DXF/DWG file
  • by importing lists from proprietary format: Excel, CSV, etc.
  • by inserting geometric macros
  • with the automatic acquisition from a photo (using the Photo-Digitizer module)

Vein matching.

Optional module for performing vein matching.

  • Vein matching of the piece to be machined.
  • Visualization of matching through 3D rendered preview of the finished work.

Shape positioning.

Manual positioning of shapes on the slab.

  • Visualization of any collisions between parts via a preview.
  • Free choice of best placement for pieces.
  • Employment of “magnet” function for aligning parts next to each other, in order to reduce the number cuts.
  • Automatic nesting (optional module).

Tool archives.

Specific tool archive management environment.

  • Storage of one’s tools in one or more tables that can be configured as desired.

Supported tools:

  • Disks
  • Mill cutters
  • Waterjet

Additional accessories that can be combined with tools:

  • Tool-holder
  • Carters


Disk, cutter, drill and waterjet machining.


  • Placement of shapes on the slab.
  • Optimization of cutting sequence.
  • Removal of overlapping cuts.
  • Reduction of colliding cuts.
  • Recovery of incomplete cuts.
  • Formulation of an optimal cutting sequence at the level of sorting, head rotation and rapid distance traveled.


  • Supported disk machinings: cut (linear, curved and inclined), notch, rodding, VGroove.
  • Automatic rest machining to complete the cuts using a cut-drill/mill tool or a waterjet tool.
  • Calculation of optimized trajectories for the disk cutting.
  • Management and modification of cuts with disk.
  • Movement of the slab pieces through the vacuum/suction cups manipulator system.


Integrated graphical simulation environment for immediate verification of machining results.

  • Solid simulation with material removal.
  • Collision control.
  • Machine simulation through the virtual representation of the entire machine (optional module).

Report and prints.

Creation and press of reports for cutting projects.

  • Press of statistics and consumption of materials.
  • Employment of reports during the setup phase of the machine.

Post processor.

Integrated module that can speak the same language as the CNC machine.

  • Integrated module for converting toolpaths applied to the part(s) into the specific language of the CNC in use.
  • Employment of a specific post-processor based on the model and brand of the CNC machine in use.

Online guide.

User support throughout the design process and in the machinings phase.

  • Detailed explanation of all definable parameters for each machining, with figurative examples and pictures.
  • Visualization of the guide by clicking on the question mark icon.

Software versions.

  • Slab cutting handling
  • 2D CAD tools
  • Import 2D CAD files in DXF, DWG formats, etc.
  • Geometric macros
  • Automatic or manual nesting of shapes on slab
  • Disk table management
  • Calculation of optimized trajectories for the disk cutting
  • Automatic rest machining to complete the cuts using a cut-drill/mill tool or a waterjet tool
  • Movement of the slab pieces through the suction cups manipulator
  • Acquisition and correction of the slab image through a camera
  • Solid simulation with material removal and collisions control
  • Management of processing reports

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