Innovative and user-friendly Pegasus cad-cam application designed to simplify the process of converting images into geometries. Its versatility allows the digitization of any object profile, template or drawing. It is an ideal tool for users in various industries who need fast and accurate digitization of their images. The conversion process is rapid and intuitive, allowing the user to obtain a 2D drawing of the desired profile within minutes.

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Image capture and SetUp Marker

The software allows uploading of photos captured by digital cameras, industrial devices or from simple smartphones. The camera can be installed as desired on top of the shooting bench, on a tripod, or on a special bracket. The user can take photos from any angle. In fact, thanks to the automatic perspective correction capability, images are always rectified and accurate, regardless of the shooting angle. The software’s SetUp Marker function requires the user to set up an area bounded by four markers, which allow the detection area to be identified.

Image import and rectification

After the image is imported, correction of distortion and perspective is applied according to the characteristics of the camera used for the shot, with the aim of obtaining an extremely accurate full-size image free of distortion and imperfections.

Automatic profile reconstruction

Following the identification of the area of interest, the software proceeds to automatically extract the curves that delineate the outer contour of each profile.
This advanced process makes it possible to accurately identify and isolate the profiles of the objects in the image, converting them into geometries. The ability to work on a 1:1 scale is particularly useful in ensuring that the generated drawings are true to the original dimensions of the objects, thus facilitating their subsequent processing and reproduction.

Manual profile reconstruction

In addition to the automatic functionality, it is also possible to manually outline profiles using the available CAD commands. Manual profile reconstruction is particularly useful in situations where user intervention can improve the accuracy of the result, especially in the case of complex contours or images with poorly defined features. The ability to alternate between automatic and manual methods makes the software versatile, enhancing productivity and ensuring that the resulting geometries are extremely accurate.

DXF and Pegasus export

The software offers the ability to export generated profiles in DXF and/or Pegasus format. This feature allows to easily transfer digitized geometries to other Pegasus cad-cam applications, as well as ensuring maximum compatibility with third-party software.

Software versions.

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  • Models digitalization through image capture
  • Image calibration and correction tools
  • Automatic shapes detection
  • 2D CAD functions