Dedicated module for modelling and processing kitchen tops, bathroom tops and other types of technical objects. Design, CAM and simulation are integrated in a single solution.

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Software versions.

Explore the module available for the creation of bathroom and kitchen tops.


Module with 2D CAD tools to create a project layout.

  • Importing DXF/DWG files.
  • 2D CAD tools.
  • Definition of the project by importing an external layout using a proprietary format (excel, CSV) or by acquiring the shapes using the Photo-Digitizer application.
  • Availability of a 3D rendering window to preview the finished work.

Tool archives.

Management environment for tool archives in one or more tables that can be configured as desired.

Supported tools:

  • Mill cutters: cylindrical, spherical or toroidal cutters; tapers and engraving cutters; cut drills, slotters, shaped cutters, polishing tools, custom shaped tools
  • Disks and horizontal disks

Additional accessories that can be combined with tools:

  • Tool-holder
  • Carters
  • Possibility of mounting disks and cutters on a gearbox.


Programming of machining operations using automatic CAM.

  • Reduction of time wastage.
  • Specific strategies for kitchens tops.
  • Auto-correction function using slab touch probe to compensate for thickness variations over the slab surface and borders.

Some supported machinings:

  • Edge countouring, finishing and polishing
  • Face milling
  • Surface polishing
  • Sink and cooktop holes, cutting/finishing
  • Drips machinings with milling or grinder tools
  • Profiling
  • Tap Holes
  • Rodding/Profiling

Workbench and simulation.

Integrated graphical simulation environment for immediate verification of machining results.

  • Interactive graphic arrangement of the pieces on the workbench and insertion of the 2D/3D sub-pieces (suction cups, stoppers, fixed stoppers and fixtures).
  • Machine work cycle optimization functions.
  • Collision detection with the equipment and the moving parts of the machine.

Post processor.

Customized communication system between software and CNC machine.

  • Integrated module that can speak the same language as the CNC machine.
  • Integrated module for converting toolpaths applied to the part(s) into the specific language of the CNC in use.
  • Availability of one or more postprocessors customized for the machines in a laboratory.

Software versions.

  • 2D CAD tools
  • Import 2D CAD files in DXF, DWG formats, etc.
  • Geometric macros
  • Perimeter definition bathroom/kitchen surface
  • Geometrical division of parts (joint management)
  • Insertion of accessories (sink holes, cooktops, etc.)
  • Tool table management, tool holders, angular gearboxes, etc.
  • Complete handling of countertops machining process: design, cutting, finishing and workbench positioning
  • Automatic or manual handling of the machining process
  • Optimized handling and arrangement of materials
  • 2.5D free machinings
  • Wireframe simulation with rendering of applied machining results
  • Management of processing reports

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