Module dedicated to the design and machining of doors and all their elements (locks, hinges, mouldings, etc.). A large library of macros, an efficient parametric designer and the template creation make the whole process very easy.

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Software versions.

Discover the module available for the complete processing of doors.


Door design using the parametric editor.

  • Possibility of creating all necessary accessory elements, such as locks, hinges, mouldings, etc.
  • Parametric drawing of doors through a quick and easy method of input data.
  • Wizard-based door creation through the selection of different types and sizes.

Macro libraries.

Wide selection of user-customizable geometric macros.

  • Choice from a wide range of locks, lock strikes, hinges, etc.
  • Free editing of each macro by entering the desired values and dimensions, so as to expand the library of available macros.
  • Possibility of machining jambs and frames by choosing from various types of junctions.
  • Choice of different types of frames and mouldings to be applied to the door panel.
  • Creation of the template by inserting macros and saving as a template to be reused later with the possibility of changing the dimensions.


Simple programming of door detail machinings.

  • Machinings with drill head or other types of tools.
  • Machinings of geometry profiles through a preset of catalogued and customizable strategies that simplify the process.
  • CAM functionality for defining machining strategies (tool and preset files)
  • Machinings of jambs and frames with the possibility of choosing from a variety of junctions.
  • Automatic machinings with available bits and tools.


Door rendering and solid simulation with toolpath trace.

  • Visualization of the result of applied machinings by a 2D and 3D preview of the workpiece.

Post processor.

Customized communication system between software and CNC machine.

  • Integrated module to convert the applied toolpaths into the language of the specific CNC.

Software versions.

  • Doors guided creation through the selection of tipology and sizes
  • Extended set of geometric macros for defining accessories (hinges, locks, and lock strikes) and mouldings
  • Definition of new accessories (mouldings, hinges, locks, etc.).
  • Machining of jambs and frames
  • CAM functionality for defining machining strategies (tool and preset files)
  • Door rendering and solid simulation with toolpath trace.

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