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Version dedicated to the doors manufacturing.


Pegasus CAD-CAM Doors is the version dedicated to the doors manufacturing.
This version lets the user easily produce wooden doors through a parametric editor.
It offers the simplified creation of the door and all its elements (locks, hinges, mouldings, frames etc.)

Macro Libraries

A library of parametric macros allows the choice among different types of locks, lock strikes, hinges.

Each one of these elements can be edited by inserting the desired values and dimensions, so to expand the available macros library.

With Pegasus CAD-CAM Doors is possible to machine jambs and frames applying different types of junctions.

The software offers the possibility to choose among various types of window and moulding designs for the door panel.

Templates creation

Once the macros have been inserted, the resulting door can be saved as a template and then used later with different sizes.


Door’s details are automatically machined and optimized using the available drills and tools.
The geometrical profiles can be machined using a customizable list of preset machinings which simplifies the process.

Preview and Simulation

The user can simulate and see the results of the applied machinings through the rendering of the door.
The module offers the toolpath simulation on the rendered door.

As all other versions of the software, the Doors version lets the user have a 2D and 3D preview of the piece and provides an interactive guide concerning all functionalities and technological parameters.


In addition to all the functionalities of the basic version, with Pegasus CAD-CAM DOORS STANDARD the user can design custom and free text and geometries.

The user can import DXF, DWG files or Pegasus CAD-CAM drawings.
The imported geometry can be machined using the available machinings presets.


Find below all the functionalities for each version of the Doors module.

  • Doors guided creation through the selection of tipology and sizes
  • Extended library of geometric macros for the accessories definition (hinges, keyholes etc. )
  • Extended library of geometric macros for the moulding definition
  • Definition of new accessories: mouldings, hinges, keyholes etc.)
  • Jumbs and frames machining
  • CAM functionalities for the setting of the machining strategies (tools tables and machinings presets)
  • Door rendering: results of the applied machinings with toolpath simulation

All you can find in DOORS ESSENTIAL plus::

  • 2D CAD on door faces
  • Text outline generation along lines and curves, using Windows TrueType font mapping
  • 2D DXF and DWG import
  • Importing of Pegasus CAD-CAM drawings
  • CAM functionalities for the machining of the free cad geometries

Download the Pegasus CAD-CAM Legno DOORS brochure in italian.

Download the Pegasus CAD-CAM Legno DOORS brochure in english.

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